Welcome to 3D Machine, Inc.

For over two decades, the expert team at 3D Machine, Inc. has been providing quality precision CNC machining, milling, turning, swiss turning, waterjet and laser cutting, and much more for customers throughout the United States and worldwide. As your trusted CNC machine shop, 3D Machine is here to serve your needs from short-run prototyping through full-scale contract manufacturing. With a full set of capabilities, cutting-edge facilities, and our unmatched emphasis on quality, 3D Machine is your trusted partner for all of your CNC machining, turning, and contract manufacturing needs.

About Us

  • “You guys performed above and beyond to get this one done for us, and I am sure there will be other parts to follow soon. Thanks again for the good work.”

    - Rich Atlas Fibre Company
  • “Hats off to you for recommending 3D Machine to me for the machine work. They’ve done everything promised, did it well, and at a reasonable cost. They have also shipped parts all over the country and been very responsive to my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone! I hope I have the opportunity to work with them again!”

    - John Adams Sealy Components
  • “Thank everyone for getting those parts to me so quickly. (M11083, M11118). I know we’ve asked for miracles a lot in the past few weeks (last few years??), but you’ve ensured our success in this project. The first Olympus II leaves for Australia Wednesday.”

    - Dave Purcell, Senior Development Engineer Pitney Bowes
  • “Thanks to everyone at 3D Machine that helped bring this piece together. Delivering this mockup ahead of schedule, with quality, only improves our chances of closing this project.”

    - Ken Smith, President ASI Limited

Our Comprehensive Capabilities

At 3D Machine, we offer a complete range of machining, turning, and manufacturing capabilities to suit virtually any level of need. Our CNC milling, turning, and swiss turning equipment is state of the art and operated by highly-trained and experienced technicians. We have waterjet and laser cutting equipment for precision in metal cutting and engraving. With expert contract manufacturing services, dedicated support, and reliable, on-time delivery, 3D Machine meets every requirement.