Every member of our team here at 3D Machine shares a unique commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality and consistency to our customers. This commitment has driven us to examine every aspect of our precision machine shop operations continually to find opportunities for improvement. The satisfaction of our customers and the success of their products is paramount to us, so ensuring maximum quality and precision in every component we produce is fundamental to our processes. Read below for our company’s quality statement and more information about our ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification.

Our Quality Statement

"At 3D Machine, Inc., our Quality Management System will ensure that we identify and determine the customer requirements and that we meet or exceed those requirements. We will continuously improve our processes and services with an emphasis on customer satisfaction."


  • FaroArm Platinum – Featuring 8 feet of total measuring capacity, measurement accuracy down to 0.001″, full-scale reporting, reverse engineering, solid model capability, and excellent mobility.
  • Faro Gauge – Featuring 4 feet of total measuring capacity, measurement accuracy down to 0.0002″, basic reporting, and excellent mobility.
  • Micro-Vu Excel 502UC – Featuring laser-measuring capabilities and a 500 millimeter by 400 millimeter stage area.


We are proud to have received our ISO 9001:2015 certification, effective in January 2018. We feel that qualifying for this certification validates our quality management systems and affirms our position as a trusted leader in the contract manufacturing and CNC machining services industries. We are all excited to continue to find new ways to improve our company’s efficiency and quality assurance and pass those benefits along to our valued customers.