3D Machine proudly offers waterjet cutting services facilitated by our top-quality Flow waterjet system, featuring dual cutting heads, each capable of operating at 60,000 PSI of water pressure. This equipment enables us to cut steel plate up to 3″ thick—and a huge variety of other metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites—at exceptionally-high levels of precision. Waterjet cutting also eliminates material edge hardening because virtually no heat is generated during cutting, and no mechanical stress is introduced. This makes waterjet cutting ideal for fast, cost-effective cutting of thicker parts made from nearly any material with minimal setup time. Below is information about our current waterjet cutting equipment.


Our newly-acquired Kern HSE 200-watt laser system enables us to offer a full range of laser cutting, part marking, etching, and 3D-engraving services to our worldwide customer base. With a table size of 48″ by 48″, our laser-cutting system can handle a broad array of components. We also offer rotary-cutting capabilities, allowing us to engrave and cut pipes and other cylindrical components quickly and efficiently. Below is further information about our Kern laser-cutting system.

Waterjet and Laser List

Flow Dual Dynamic Waterjet System

  • Dual cutting heads
  • 13′ x 6.5′ Cutting Table
  • Accuracy: +/-.003″
  • Repeatability: +/-.001″
  • Traverse Speed: 0 to 1375 IPM
  • Contour Speed: 0 to 1000 IPM
  • Z-axis adjustability 9.8″
  • 100 HP pump
  • 60,000 PSI of water pressure at each head

Kern HSE Laser System

  • 200 watts
  • Capable of cutting up to 0.125″ steel
  • Rotary laser cutting capability
  • Part marking capability
  • Engraving and 3-dimensional etching capabilities
  • Current table size is 48″ x 48″