The addition of swiss turning equipment here at 3D Machine has enabled us to take on more complex turning jobs, increase our production capabilities, and deliver greater precision in turned components. Our expert swiss turning technicians excel in using our quality equipment to produce parts down to very small sizes at incredibly tight tolerances.


In most conventional CNC lathes, a spinning component is held stationary while the cutting or boring tool moves. With swiss turning, the component is spun and fed into a stationary tool, and the component is held tightly by a guide bushing, which virtually eliminates deflection and chatter, greatly enhancing precision and tolerance capabilities. Swiss turning lathes were originally developed for the Swiss watch industry to produce small, complex parts to a very high level of precision. Our swiss turning equipment handles bar stock up to 20 millimeters in diameter, enabling us to turn a wide range of components at varying levels of precision.

Swiss Turning Services List

Citizen L20 Swiss Lathe

  • 20mm capacity
  • Long length turning option
  • Twin spindle